With Love from My Father, The Gift of Sous Vide.

Straight from The Root The Gift of Sous Vide

The Introduction

For the past few months, I felt the only words I ever heard my father say were "sous vide". All he ever talked about was sous vide, and the sous vide vegetables I absolutely had to try. So, I drove to my father's home and found myself staring at an array of vacuum sealed root vegetables spread across the kitchen counter. I was skeptical. Without saying a word, my dad cut open a bag of sweet potatoes and handed me a fork. I took a bite of what I was expecting to be just another sweet potato, but I was oh so wrong. 

The First Bite

I had never tasted a sweet potato like this before, and I have eaten A LOT of sweet potatoes. Having been a fitness enthusiast / personal trainer, I was always looking for new ways to enjoy sweet potatoes as well as constantly searching for the fastest and easiest way to cook them. No sweet potato tasted like this one, and nothing had been added to it. No spices, no oils, no seasonings. It was just a perfect sous vide sweet potato bite. We open another bag. This time, sous vide red beets. My taste buds exploded. I had been buying the pre-cooked red beets at the grocery store, and was never that impressed. I could never figure out why the red beets served at restaurants tasted so much better. Well, I had just tasted something even better than what I had experienced at restaurants. We open another bag: butternut squash. I cannot begin to describe how many times I've bought a butternut squash and had it sit on my kitchen counter because I did not have the time or the patience to hack into that oddly shaped monstrosity. My dad popped the bag in the microwave to heat it up. As he opened the bag, I could smell the most fresh, sweet juices of the butternut steaming. I took a bite. I felt like I was being tricked. How could these vegetables be this good with nothing added to them and are kept in a vacuum sealed bag? 

The Ultimate Gift

All in all, I became such an advocate for the sous vide vegetables, that I helped my dad create the brand that is now known as Straight from the Root. These root vegetables are a staple in my life, and not just because of the plethora of health benefits that they offer, but for the one thing that I always need and money just cannot buy. Time. I cannot begin to describe how many hours I would spend in my kitchen food prepping. Too much time. Now, I spend less than 15 minutes every night preparing meals. It doesn't matter if I'm cooking for one or for six, my meals do not take over half an hour to make. Straight from the Root is not just another healthy food product. It is the most convenient health food you will ever try. 

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