An Exciting Milestone for Sous Vide and Straight from The Root

Straight from The Root Now is Walmart Stores in Southern California


This post is written to you with excitement! It took bravery and belief in a better way to start our line of Organic Sous Vide Vegetables. Sous Vide is something that many Americans have yet to discover but we had enough faith to be the first.

We are the first Organic Food Line committed to cooking our Vegetables with the Sous Vide Method. Solely. That's right, no other cooking technique will do. Boiling, Baking, & Steaming destroy up to 30% of our food's nutrients. Sous Vide is the only heating process that protects the nutrition that we pay for.



Today, we're proud to announce that we've expanded our line into Walmart Stores (in Southern California). We believe that this is a big step in the Organic Food Movement. 


Straight from The Root now in Walmart Stores in Southern California.


This means that more Americans are open to, if not expecting, better food choices (at the places they shop most).  Consumers are demanding what's best for themselves. Why would we settle for anything less?

We are what we eat. So, each choice matters. When you say yes to healthy organic produce, you're also saying yes to a better You

We cannot thank you enough for helping us achieve this tremendous milestone. It's been an exciting journey and we're just getting started. Our goal is to be in Grocery Stores across the U.S.



Please never forget that You are at the Root of all we do. Pun intended ;-)

Eat, Enjoy, & Love Your Food,

The Lagudis


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