Christina's Considerations - Cooking with Functional Limitations


Below is the beautiful article that Christina Thielst of Christina's Considerations wrote titled: Cooking with Functional Limitations. 

This brings me back around to that carrot I mentioned earlier.  Since Scratch & Grain, I've also learned about Straight From The Root   and their veggies that are sous-vide cooked and vacuum packed in portion sizes.  The most amazing thing was how fresh the potatoes tasted; given the unexpectedly long refrigerated shelf-life.  Wow!  This means I can cook with veggies without great risk to my life or limb!  Can you imagine me cutting a butternut squash this Fall?

Is this all a little more expensive? Perhaps a little, but the portion controls also mean less waste of leftover foods.  I also like to factor in the time and the cost of driving (if you can drive) around and buying ingredients.  How many of you have spices or other ingredients sitting in your pantry that you haven't used since they were purchased for some recipe?

Visit the sites above to learn how you can receive these deliveries or where to purchase.  In the case of Blue Apron, I have a couple of free trial offers I can share with my readers.  Just send me your email address.  If you are aware of other meal prep supports for people with functional limitations, leave a comment and don't forget to include a link.


To read the full length article, please visit her site HERE. 

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