Made with Love to Help You Save Time. Organic Sous Vide Vegetables.


Snacking & Meals Made Easy

Great tasting food, it makes life interesting right!? We all want it but maybe don't have the time to prepare it the way we'd like. So we settle for less than perfect a good deal of the time knowing it's just not the same. 

We get the challenge, so we wanted to do something to help. Perfectly cooked Organic Vegetables is the solution that came to mind, so we went for it!


Perfection Every Time

Cooking can be so much fun, who doesn't like spending time with their food? The thing is, results can vary. Food preparation takes time, attention, and detail. If you're distracted, your dish may suffer! 

The exception to this rule is Sous Vide Cooking. You can't mess it up! Your Food is prepared in a warm water bath under low temperatures making it pretty tough to over do. 

What's more is that we can cook veggies in nothing but their own juices. This brings out rich and memorable flavor that will leave you craving another bite.


Perfect for On-the-Go Living

From one thing to the next, right? We get it. These vegetables can go with you! Because they've been sealed from oxygen, they're much more stable than other food. 

While refrigeration is optimal, they can last in a bag for a few hours. We often bring them for a snack on a flight! 


Long Lasting Shelf Life

These veggies were made to last and it has nothing to do with preservatives! Because they're sealed during the Sous Vide process, they are free from oxygen. This means they will outlast your other vegetables at home. 

With a natural 6-week shelf life, you can stock up worry-free. 


Nothing Artificial, Just Veggies

In a modern Food Economy where so much is unclear, we've set out to keep it simple. Just veggies. There is one ingredient and it's the vegetable itself, period. 

Rooted in Fresh Simple Flavor, get your food Straight from The Root



A Review of our Sous Vide Vegetables - Straight from The Root


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