Sous Vide: A Revolutionary and Proven Method that's here to stay.

The Sous Vide Difference


Sous Vide Food


Bit by bit, Sous Vide Cooking is becoming the talk of the culinary town. Chefs and Foodies alike have quickly made this their first choice in the kitchen. 'What are the reasons' you may ask? Well, there is one big one. You can have perfectly cooked food, every single time. We're not kidding!

As you know, methods like steaming and baking, need careful attention. Sous Vide pretty much allows you to set it and forget it. On a busy schedule, this brings convenience and hassle free cooking to the kitchen. 

Placed in what's called a 'warm water bath' the food cooks slowly and even. This creates perfect texture and exquisite flavor, every time. 



Chefs Love Sous Vide

This technique's history began in Europe and is beloved by many French Culinary Experts. In fact, many high-end restaurants have now adopted Sous Vide. It has allowed them to bring unmatched precision and consistency into their kitchens. A Sous Vide enthusiast you might recognize happens to be, Richard Blais. We've lost count of how many seasons of Bravo's, Top Chef, he's been on. If you didn't already know, he's a Chef Superstar. Hear what he has to say about Sous Vide Cooking here:



Another Culinary expert we admire is, J. Kenji López-Alt. Many who discover his book, The Food Lab, quickly dive into the Sous Vide world. To explore his incredible Sous Vide Recipes, head over to


Food Bloggers Have Embraced It Too

Last but not least, our favorite bloggers over at theKitchn are huge Sous Vide fans! They've written about this technique many times. If fact, they've covered all the typical questions that come up. Check out some of our favorite posts here:

4 Reasons Why Sous Vide Cooking is Actually Practical for Home Cooks

The Four (Wrong) Reasons You Haven't Tried Sous Vide Cooking Yet

High Tech at Home: What is Sous Vide Cooking


The Perfect Choice for SFTRoot

You can see why this choice was an obvious one for us here at Straight from The Root. Our mission is to provide you with pre-cooked, Organic Vegetables (to make life easier). There is no other method that compares in our minds. By embracing Sous Vide cooking from the start, we've been able to stand out from the crowd. Our veggies provide flavor, that wow, every single time. Plus, no nutrition is lost in the process! Curious about how that works? Learn more, here. 



Each week, we're in the kitchen developing new recipes to put our Sous Vide Vegetables to use. They've brought a fun new element to our meal preparation. Why? Because they taste better! Until you've had a Sous Vide Baby Carrot, you haven't experienced all they have to offer. The same goes for our Beets, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, etc.

By cooking in nothing but their own juices, they develop rich and delectable flavor. This makes them perfect for last minute meals. You simply open, eat, or reheat. Don't worry about that last part, it only takes 90-seconds to heat them up for your favorite dish. 

Side note, purees, and homemade baby food have never been easier! Because our veggies have been pre-cooked, you can place them directly in a food processor and blend. Seconds later, you have exactly what you need. 


Bringing Sous Vide Veggies to You

Ready to try our SFTRoot Veggies? We're happy to share we're now in Whole Foods Market stores and Publix locations. One day, we hope to be in every other grocery store as well. We want to help give you back the one thing we all need more of. Time!

From Our Family to Yours,

The Lagudis




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