8 Ways To Rethink Your Tacos (In The Best Way)

Bison Taco Salad with Sous Vide Honey Gold Potatoes

When we think about fun meals to add our Sous Vide Vegetables too, Taco Dishes come to mind pretty quick! The great thing about Tacos is that there are so many ways to prepare them. We love a good Sweet Potato Taco Recipe and that's what inspired us this week. "What kind of fun new Plant-rich recipes could we find?" We thought. After a bit of searching, we found some new favorites that we're excited to share with you.  


The Best 8 Taco Recipes We Could Find (Plus a Bonus at the End)

Be sure to grab your Sous Vide Butternut Squash and Sweet Potatoes for this collection. You'll certainly find Recipes below that you can use them in quite easily. 

So without further ado, let's talk Tacos! 


Maple Roasted Butternut Squash Tacos © Jessica Gavin

Maple Roasted Butternut Squash Taco Recipe by Jessica Gavin

Maple and Butternut Squash go together well. We'd never have thought about them in a Taco before, though. We have to thank Jessica Gavin for thinking outside the box and sharing this recipe with the world! 


Roasted Cauliflower Tacos © The Glowing Fridge

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos Recipe by The Glowing Fridge

Cauliflower is bigger than ever these days so we smiled when we came across this recipe. The Glowing Fridge always knows how to use clean ingredients in a fun and inspiring way. 


Sweet Potato Taco Bowl © My Kitchen Love

Sweet Potato Taco Bowl Recipe My Kitchen Love

We thoroughly enjoy throwing a Taco Bowl together and we love using our Sous Vide Sweet Potatoes in doing so. It saves us a good deal of prep time which definitely counts after a long day at the office!


Butternut Squash Tacos w/Jalapeno Ranch © hot for food

Butternut Squash Tacos w/Jalapeno Ranch Recipe by Hot For Food

Butternut Squash, Jalapeno, and Ranch. Need we say more!? You can't really go wrong with this fresh twist on Tacos by Hot For Food


Plant Based Taco Salad © Rachl Mansfield

Plant Based Taco Salad Recipe by Rachl Mansfield

Rich and colorful plant-based salads hold a special place in our heart. When we saw Rachl Mansfield offered up one with all the right ingredients for a Taco, we couldn't resist! 


Quinoa Taco Bowls @ Lemon Tree Dwelling

Quinoa Taco Bowls by Lemon Tree Dwelling 

Quinoa Bowls continue to be quite trendy on Instagram and Pinterest. So we thought having one in this collection would only be right. :-)


Spiced Sweet Potato & Portabello Tacos © Cocoon Cooks

Spiced Sweet Potato & Portabello Tacos Recipe by Cocoon Cooks

Sweet Potatoes and Portabellos. Another pairing we wouldn't have thought of but are so glad we stumbled upon! 


Turkey Taco Bowl w/Cauliflower Rice © Wholesomelicous

Turkey Taco Bowl w/Cauliflower Rice by Wholesomelicous

This dish combines protein with lots of color and cauliflower rice. Plus it's Whole 30 & Paleo friendly. Need we say more!?


Bonus Recipe (for Your Sous Vide Honey Gold Potatoes)

Bison Taco Salad © Straight from The Root

Bison Taco Salad with Sous Vide Honey Gold Potatoes

Last year, we found a way to include our Sous Vide Honey Gold Potatoes in the mix (they pair perfectly with Bison). This is a hearty salad and it keeps us full for hours. Celebrating with it on Taco Tuesday is the best!



Taco Fun for Everyone

If any of these recipes inspired you please do your friends a favor and give this collection a share! Simply click the link here: 8 Ways to Rethink Your Tacos (In The Best way)

We want everyone to know you can Eat Clean and still have Tacos!

Eat, Enjoy, & Love Your Food,

The Lagudis


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