How to Make a Sweet Potato Chocolate Pie You'll Never Forget

Vegan Sous Vide Sweet Potato Chocolate Pie


We cannot lie, we often dream of Dark Chocolate Coconut Pie. It has a way of reminding us how incredibly rich life can be. There's so much joy in the details if we only slow down to experience them. 

These details are pretty irresistible and we mean that in the best way! This pie qualifies as both Vegan and Paleo. So in essence, it can make pretty much anyone happy :-)

Plus the prep part of it is ever so simple! In a mere 15-minutes, you'll be able to set this pie in the fridge to set for a few hours. That means it's a lifesaver for the same-day dinner guest plans that happen from time to time. 

So the next time you need the perfect last-minute Chocolate Pie, we'll think you'll turn to this one. We can't get enough of it



This Sous Vide Recipe is a source of:

High-Quality Fats (Coconut Milk + Dark Chocolate + Shredded Coconut)

Magnesium (Sweet Potato + Coconut Milk + Dark Chocolate + Dates)

Potassium (Sweet Potato + Coconut Milk + Dark Chocolate + Dates)

Protein (Sweet Potato + Coconut Milk + Dark Chocolate)

Dietary Fiber (Sweet Potato + Dates + Dark Chocolate)

Iron (Sweet Potato + Coconut Milk + Dark Chocolate)

Calcium (Sweet Potato + Dark Chocolate + Dates)

Lauric Acid (Coconut Oil + Coconut Flakes)

MCTs (Coconut Oil + Shredded Coconut)

Vitamin B6 (Sweet Potato + Dates)

Vitamin A (Sweet Potato + Dates)

Vitamin C (Sweet Potato)





Though the filling you're about to make would go well with many different pie crusts, we found an amazing no-bake crust recipe that we use again and again. It's easy and incredibly good! To get it, Click Here


1 Bar of Organic Dark Chocolate (70% Cacao or higher)

1 Package of Organic Sous Vide Sweet Potatoes

1 15oz Can of Full Fat Organic Coconut Milk



First, make the no-bake crust using the recipe we linked to.  

Then combine 2/3 of the can of Coconut Milk with the Sweet Potatoes in a blender or food processor. Blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy. 

In a medium stovetop pot, combine the remaining Coconut Milk with the bar of Dark Chocolate. (You may have to break the chocolate bar in half.) Heat and stir regularly over medium-low until the mixture also becomes smooth and creamy. 

Once the Chocolate mixture is ready, remove the pot from the heat and place it on a cooling pad. 

Pour the Sweet Potato mixture into the Chocolate one and stir until they become fully blended. 

Take this complete mixture and pour it evenly over the pie crust. 

Cover the pie with foil and allow it to cool to room temperature. This may take 2-3 hours. 

Once cooled to room temperature then place the pie in the fridge for another hour, at least. 

At that time, you're ready to eat and enjoy!


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Trust us, this is the kind of good-willed gift that pretty much anyone would thank you for :-)

Eat, Enjoy, & Love Your Food,

The Lagudis


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