Learn How To Make The Kind of Falafels That Dreams Are Made Of

Sous Vide Sweet Potato Falafel Bowl  

Don't you just love a crispy, crunchy Falafel? We do! In fact, after craving them all week we decided to find the Best of the Best on Pinterest and put them into a collection. 

Ever heard of Magical Green Falafels? Well, you're about to! Also, we found Meals that will make just about everyone happy. Whether it's a Buddha Bowl or a Falafel Salad, you'll find it here.

So here you go, 8 Falafel Recipes that will help you decide What's For Dinner Tonight!


3 Ways to Add a Fresh Twist to Your Next Falafel Dish

Don't get us wrong, traditional Falafel is amazing but changing it up never hurts. These recipes allowed us to incorporate more vegetables in the mix. We're typically of the opinion that the more veggies, the better :-)   


Falafel Carrot Burgers © Trinity's Conscious Kitchen

Falafel Carrot Burger by Trinity's Conscious Kitchen


Magical Green Falafels © Full of Plants

Magical Green Falafels Recipe by Full of Plants


Mini Beetroot Falafels © Cooktoria

What can we say. Beets make everything better. Not only for the flavor but the color too!

Mini Beetroot Falafels Recipe by Cooktoria


Falafel Meals for the Whole Family 

While they can be great on their own, sometimes planning a whole meal around them is where it's at. These five ideas had us grabbing our Meal Planner to pencil each one in (pretty much immediately).


Sweet Potato Falafel © Kathy Patalsky 

This ever so tasty recipe calls for mashed sweet potato. Now you could boil or bake the potatoes. Or you could buy them Sous Vide and save yourself a good 30-40 mins of prep in the kitchen. Either way, this recipe is one to bookmark ;-)

Sweet Potato Falafel Recipe by Kathy Patalsky


Blender Cauliflower Falafel © Paleo Gluten Free Eats

Blender Cauliflower Falafel Recipe by Paleo Gluten Free Eats


Baked Falafel Buddha Bowls © The Healthy Maven

Baked Falafel Buddha Bowl Recipe by The Healthy Maven


Butternut Squash Falafel © She Likes Food

We love anything that lets us work in a bit of Butternut Squash. So, why not Falafel!? 

Butternut Squash Falafel Recipe by She Likes Food


Carrot & Lemon Baked Falafel Salad Bowl © Cocoon Cooks

Some of the recipes we stumble on teach us so much about food. We wouldn't normally think to put Carrot & Lemon together but it totally works. This is what we call a, Must Try!

Carrot & Lemon Baked Falafel Salad Bowl Recipe by Cocoon Cooks


And Now It's Time To Share!

That's what Social Media is all about right!? Telling your friends about the amazing finds (of all kinds) that you came across today. So please do them a favor (by sharing the flavor) and click here: 8 Magical Falafel Recipes The Whole Family Will Love


Eat, Enjoy, & Love Your Food,

The Lagudis


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