Thanksgiving Turkey & Stuffing Recipes that will Save the Day!

Thanksgiving Turkey & Stuffing Recipes that will Save the Day 


Turkey & Stuffing Recipes for Us All

Here we are, the final chapter of our Thanksgiving Series for 2016! To Recap, here's what we've brought you so far:

Our Ultimate Sous Vide Thanksgiving Guide: The Best of Potatoes

Your Ultimate Sous Vide Thanksgiving: Veggies You'll Love

The Best (Ever) Thanksgiving Desserts for Your Friends & Family

Now, we bring you the Best of Turkey & Stuffing. The recipes that we've collected are ones that we believe you'll Love for years to come. Plus, we've kept every kind of lifestyle in mind. We've curated Thanksgiving goodness for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Sous Vide enthusiasts as well! (If you've never tried Sous Vide Turkey Breast, this should be the year!)


Deep-Fried Sous Vide Turkey Porchetta © Serious Eats: The Food Lab

Deep Fried Sous Vide Turkey Porchetta


Less Hassle and More Time to Be With Them

As you can imagine, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite Holidays by far. It's about Family coming together over carefully prepared food and appreciating each other. What could be better than that?

It can be fun spending time in the kitchen preparing all the goodness. But we enjoy the part where we can sit around in the Living Room and bond as well. That's why we're excited to put our Sous Vide Vegetables to use this year. They deliver exquisite flavor and don't require any hassle to prepare. 


Sous Vide Butternut Squash by Straight from The Root


After a 90-second reheat, you can eat them as is, or you can add them as a finishing touch (to your salad, soup or casserole). 

Have a complicated recipe that calls for cooked Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes or Butternut Squash? Our Sous Vide Veggies can often cut the prep time by 30-minutes or more


Sous Vide Butternut Squash with Cranberries


On a day where the people we care about most are all in the same place, we'll take any amount of time savings we can get. As you spend hours getting the Turkey and Stuffing just right, please remember one thing. Perfectly Cooked Vegetables don't have to take that long at all :-)

Eat, Enjoy, and Love Your Food, 

The Lagudis




Traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing © Averie Cooks


Simple Vegan Stuffing © Minimalist Baker

Simple Vegan Stuffing for Thanksgiving


Gluten-free Walnut & Kale Quinoa Stuffing © Healthy Seasonal Recipes

gluten free walnut and kale quinoa stuffing recipe


Thanksgiving Stuffing Muffins with Mashed Potatoes © The Colorful Kitchen

Thanksgiving Stuffing Muffins Recipe by The Colorful Kitchen


Butternut Squash & Wild Mushroom Stuffing © Half Baked Harvest

Butternut Squash & Wild Mushroom Stuffing Recipe by Half Baked Harvest


Easy Gluten-free Stuffing © Food Faith Fitness

Easy Gluten-free Stuffing Recipe by Food Faith Fitness 


Juicy Roast Turkey Recipe © Natasha's Kitchen

Juicy Roast Turkey Recipe by Natasha's Kitchen


Easy Maple-Glazed Roasted Turkey Breast © My Recipe Magic

Easy Maple-Glazed Roast Turkey Breast


Vegan Tofurky Roast © I Love Vegan

Vegan Tofurky Roast


Vegan Thanksgiving Wraps © Minimalist Baker

Vegan Thanksgiving Wrap Recipe by Minimalist Baker


Seitan Stuffed w/Walnuts + Dried Cranberries + Mushrooms © Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen

Seitan Stuffed with Walnuts, Dried Cranberries, and Mushrooms




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