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We love seeing our customer's first-time reactions to Sous Vide Vegetables. There's a look we call "the face" and we see it over and over again. Most people are stunned by the incredible flavor and it shows in their expressions. View the video included below to see the testimonials we captured at a recent Tasting Event. 



Written Reviews

Straight from The Root Sous Vide Review Shawn Mynar


 As a first time mom I knew I wanted to make homemade organic baby food for my son. My husband suggested butternut squash as a first food for him but I had never made anything with butternut squash and was somewhat intimated by it. On a trip to the grocery store I happened to notice Straight From the Root organic Butternut Squash. I immediately checked the ingredients and was both surprised and happy to see the ONLY ingredient was the actual vegetable. I bought a few packages, made my sons baby food and he absolutely loved it!
I loved how easy it was, how much he loved it and most important how good it is for him. I've used several other products from Straight From the Root and love everyone just as much - and so does my son! I am so happy I happened to stumble upon their produce, it makes cooking for my family so much easier and I love knowing I'm using nutritious ingredients.
Straight From the Root is and will continue to be a staple for our family, such great products and a wonderful company! Thank you Straight From the Root for making healthy, single ingredient, quality organic produce! 
- Emily L.


Before I got ahold of the SFTR vegetables it was usually a chore for me to actually eat the vegetables I needed in my diet. Mainly, I hate cutting them and doing the dishes. Possibly a byproduct of me living a typically lazy American lifestyle.

When I got SFTR vegetables it took a lot of the time off my hands. They come prepackaged in 8oz packages, already cut. All I had to do was pre-portion the amount I would need for the week and then I'd be set. And to top it off, they taste fantastic.

Peter B.


These are brilliant, delish, healthy and easy! 

Dina F. 


Just tried your Organic Red Beets Yesterday from the "exchange" Publix in Gainesville, Fl. Went back for more today & plan to try other veggies. I was skeptical because I thought the beets would be over cooked. 

They are perfectly cooked with bite, texture & earthy flavor. Very easily could be incorporated into a dish & not be overdone. 

I've eaten them room temperature & warmed. Thank you for this quality ORGANIC Product. 

Suzanne B.


I love Straight from The Root products. I got acquainted with the product at the fitness expo and been a fan ever since! I don't usually eat those types of vegetables but the way they prepare the food is delicious! I can't wait to pack my fridge with all their yummy choices and now I can finally eat healthy without trying so hard. I love the brand! I'm deff going to be a long time customer and tell all my friends about them.



I honestly never knew what kohlrabi was before trying these. I'm so glad I know now! It's a sweet cabbage like vegetable that I can incorporate into so many dishes at home. They're also tasty as is and even eaten cold. If you get sugar cravings throughout the day and need something to satisfy it, I'd recommend keeping these handy.

Tim W. 


I never thought I would take a cooked sweet potato out of the fridge and eat it for a snack without at least heating it up but these totally proved me wrong. So delicious without even heating them up. Totally snack-able cold or toss 'em into the micro with a little butter and some pepper. Makes great soup in the Vitamix too.

Brian G. 


I believe in letting companies know when they have done something good or bad to provide consumer feedback. I recently came across your product in my local grocery store. I was looking for fresh healthy alternatives that would be easy for me to prepare. I wanted to eat healthier but my hectic schedule doesn't allow much time to prepare fresh veggies. Your company nailed it! I tried your butternut squash and I couldn't get over the amazing taste; next came your beets. I'm not a huge fan of beets, but you have made me a fan! Simply delicious! Thank you for a product worth the money. I will continue to promote your products to all of my friends and family. You have made my New Healthy eating resolutions something that I can stay committed to!

Best Regards,
Valerie M




Straight from The Root Sous Vide Review by Sarah


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